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Biomass Pellet Plant
Because of their comfort and ease, biomass pellets may be utilized to generate electricity or for burning. The efficiency and environmental friendliness of these plants are also quite high. No air-polluting pollutants, such as sulfur oxide, are released by biomass pellet plants .

Automatic Cattle Feed Pellet Plant
The offered Automatic Cattle Feed Pellet Plants are designed for simple handling and produce feed combinations that are as optimally formulated as feasible. These facilities include a hopper, screw conveyor, elevator, grinder, and winch. These facilities are made to produce high-quality feed in an efficient amount of time.

Ring Die Pellet Mill
Well-liked variety of pellet mill is the ring die model. Utilizing these ring die pellet mills has two primary benefits. Since the inner and outer sides of the roller travel the same distance, these mills produce less wear and tear.

Feed Grinding Machine
Our feed grinding machines are used to combine several types of feed, such as cattle feed, poultry feed, and grass feed, among others. These machines include a body construction made of exceptionally sturdy fabrication and a standard gearing arrangement. They are quite simple to use.